This Is Why You Should Choose The Shot Blaster for Concrete

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:September 21, 2022

Shot Blaster VS concrete scrabbler

Asphalt pavement construction, asphalt structure layer in the concrete structure layer (bridge deck, tunnel) before bonding, the concrete surface needs to roughen treatment. In order not to damage the underlying structure, the concrete scrabbler is required to operate with high frequency and low vibration performance.

Must know that the impact force is too large and will damage the structure of the underlying system so that the project leaves hidden problems. In addition, in the large cement concrete project, the paving layer is roughening equipment between the cautious use of a large concrete scrabbler or shot blaster to roughen processing. The primary function of the scrabbler machine is to mill the old asphalt concrete pavement.

Therefore, the choice of equipment should first consider the functionality of the project to ensure the quality of construction.

Concrete shot blaster in the construction process, during steel shot blasting, the impact force is not too big, and the construction of the work surface flat also looks good. Its working principle is through the mechanical method of shot (steel shot) to a very high speed. A particular angle shot to the work surface, so that the shot impacts the work surface, and then inside the machine through the supporting airflow cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner, the shot and clean down the impurities are recycled, and can use the shot again. The machine is equipped with a dust collector so that there is no dust and no pollution construction, both to improve efficiency and protect the environment.

Shot blaster working conditions

  • Working surface unevenness: ≤20mm; no standing water and relatively dry; slope≤ 25°.
  • Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; steel plate surface temperature more significant than three ℃ above the dew point.
  • Humidity: a. Relative humidity is not more than 90% when blasting the steel surface; b. When blasting the concrete surface, the relative humidity is not more than 95%.
  • Altitude: 0 ~ 3000m; shall not be operated in rain or snow.
  • Shot blaster working efficiency:
  • Cement surface work efficiency: 200-400 square meters/hour
  • Work on steel plate: Steel plate quality grade SA 2.5 to SA3, speed: SA2.5 about 4 m / min; SA3 about 3 m / min, treatment area per hour: SA2.5 grade, about 75-100 square meters/hour.

Surface treatment of concrete bridge decks: In Europe and the United States, since the 1970s, concrete bridge deck pavement has been widely used waterproof layer, significantly reducing the damage caused by water seepage of concrete bridges and extending the service life of the bridge. However, with the increase in traffic, there is a waterproof layer and surface layer, and the bridge deck adhesion strength is not enough to produce the disease of nudge. In China, concrete bridges are often subjected to similar conditions, as well as water seepage, even causing loose and peeling concrete and reinforcement rust, so the application of shot blaster for the bridge deck will significantly extend the lifespan of the waterproof layer.

Shot blaster performance advantages

Shot blasting process can occur once the floating slurry impurities’ concrete surface is cleaned and removed. The most important thing is it roughens the concrete surface simultaneously so that the surface is uniformly rough, significantly improving the waterproofing layer and concrete base adhesion strength. And in the process, the shot blasting process can also be sufficient to fully expose the concrete cracks and other diseases to take remedial measures in advance.

Shot blaster is widely used in improving the roughness and friction coefficient of asphalt pavement, thus improving the adhesion of the pavement and ensuring the safety of traffic. It can also remove the adhesion of asphalt pavement (such as fuel, oil, etc.).

Concrete shot blasting machine applications are as follows:

1. In asphalt concrete overlay construction, the shot blasting process for road surface pretreatment can ensure that the road surface is clean while increasing the surface roughness so that the overlay layer and the original road bonding strengthen the durability of its structure significantly increased.

2. The shot blasting treatment can significantly improve the bonding strength of resin overlay, so it will improve the quality of the thin slurry seal layer and the service life of the road.

3. the shot blasting process can be used directly on asphalt pavement, for example, in the turning section surface brushing, to improve anti-skid performance. It can instantly remove the surface oiling of asphalt pavement and improve the reduction of skid resistance caused by oiling. The asphalt surface treated by the shot blasting process not only cleans up various surface adherents but also increases the roughness of the asphalt surface and improves its performance on the asphalt pavement. And equipment construction is simple, convenient, and flexible.

4. Shot blasting can also be applied to remove marking lines.

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