Auto Shot Blasting & Priming Line

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BlastKing preservation line undertakes the task of being able to sandblast, clean, and spray protective primer on the surface of steel plates and profiles for shipbuilding (T material, angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, et cetera).

This equipment removes rust and paints from the surface of steel plates and sections in the steel pretreatment workshop of shipyards. Through the pretreatment of steel, rust, oxide, and dirt are removed from the surface so that the steel has a clean and rough texture to enhance the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface, thus ensuring the quality of steel anti-corrosion coating.


  • Complete systems quoted
  • One supplier for all components
  • Proven abilities – The industry leader
  • Quality components
  • Proven technology
  • Custom designs – Flexible layouts
  • Simple integration into existing manufacturing processes
  • Wide range of system sizes and variants


For the treatment of plates, beams, and profiles in the steel manufacturing, construction, and processing industry.

  • Removal of mill and forge scale and rust
  • Increase of surface roughness
  • Corrosion removal
  • Rust and heat scale removal
auto blasting and priming machine
shot blasting and priming machine
auto shot blasting line
shot blasting and priming plant
shot blasting and primer coating machines
preservation line

Key Benefits

Continuous blasting

Highly efficient blast wheels

Quick turnaround, easy assembly and commissioning

Easy to integrate into the production line

Key to Fully Automated Preservation Line

automated shot blasting and priming machine blastking
  1. Cross transfer conveyor
  2. Inlet roller conveyor
  3. Pre-heater
  4. Roller conveyor shot blast machine
  5. Blast machine filter
  6. Paint spray chamber
  7. Paint chamber filter
  8. Slat conveyor
  9. Heating system
  10. Drying chamber
  11. Cross transfer conveyor
  12. Outlet roller table

Working Video

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