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Whatever your requirement is, BlastKing has the solution, competence, know-how and skills to develop or modify your equipment. With our global engineering and production facilities, we are able to provide tailored machines that serve your needs, your application, your specification and your budget.

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BlastKing specializes in the design and fulfillment of forward-thinking surface preparation solutions. Whatever your application, even if it has never been achieved before, talk to us – it’s the kind of challenge that makes us stand out from the crowd. Our complete solution delivers high-quality results and can include consulting, concept engineering, project implementation, outstanding customer service, proven technologies, and software.

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BlastKing has an excellent after sale service team that help users to quickly and easily install the blasting units. But that’s not all, when you get a blasting equipment from BlastKing you will also get the most amazing customer support around!

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BlastKing’s services always go extra miles, BlastKing has the largest installed base in the industry to deliver BlastKing Group’s equipment and services to our customers to improve their productivity and profitability. It’s this experience that enables our technical experts to work with you to design specific solutions to meet your operating needs, bringing with the them insight gained from thousands of different applications across a variety of different industries.

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Working with BlastKing was a pleasant experience, since launching the auto blasting machine in our workshop in 2018, our annual turnover has been tripled in the past 3 years.
Your machine makes our surface preparation for the components of agricultural machine so simple and effective, It greatly improves the quality and saves cost. Thanks, guys!
We got a customized machine with 12 blasting turbines five years ago, I am happy with the machine, and comparing with the European machines, I am also happy with their spare parts supply in these years, which with high quality but low price.
My co-workers have personally visited their factory in 2014 and were impressed with their whole manufacturing process. I was willing to get the shot blasting machine from this brilliant company, not to mention that their amazing after-sale services.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1 What is shot blasting?

    The shot blasting process is carried out to prevent metal fatigue or to crack and for cleaning and surface hardening. In this method, the role of the shot is to remove impurities, rust, scattered pieces of rubbish, or remains that may affect metal strength. It is environment-friendly and a rapid cost-effective surface finishing method that is used for cleaning, polishing metal, and other surfaces by applying a high-speed stream of shots.

  • Q.2 What is shot blasting machine?

    A shot blasting machine is a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal wheel to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. General, blasting prior to finishing serves three primary purposes:

    1. It cleans and descales surfaces
    2. Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion
    3. Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing coating life
  • Q.3 What is sandblasting?

    Sandblasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface and shape a surface, or remove the surface contaminants.

  • Q.4 What Is the Purpose of Sandblasting?

    Sandblasting can thoroughly clean and prepare a surface for painting. This process is for spraying sand at a high velocity toward the intended surface remove stubborn dirt, grime, and other matter. Meanwhile, it is also an ideal technique for concrete, brick, stucco, and other surfaces.

  • Q.5 what are the useful effects of Shot Blasting Machines’ Blasting?
    Shot blasting machines’ blasting benefits are as follows:
    1. It provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy.
    2. The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales, and dust content.
    3. Shot blasting facilitates the formation of a permanent bond between the protective coat (zinc, paint, or epoxy) and the shot blasted surface. It also helps to detect surface faults or defects.
    4. It eliminates the usage of non-ecofriendly and harsh chemicals.
    5. Increases longevity and durability of protective surface coats as it adheres better to the shot blast cleaned and scale-free surface.
  • Q.6 What is difference between shot blasting and sandblasting?

    Sandblasting and shot blasting both are processes that are being utilized in mechanical surface cleaning. Many industries that use metal apply these methods in daily practices for removing of corrosion, paint, and other films and preparing the surface for coating. In both methods, cast-iron work is also blasted to remove old paint layers. But the differences between both processes are only for principle and application types.

  • Q.7 What type of material does the abrasive consist of?

    For turbine wheel shot blasting, the abrasive material used consists of 90% steel due to the high energy with which the abrasive is ejected onto the workpiece surfaces. Round cast steel shot material ranging from 0.8 to 1.5 mm in diameter is often used. Angular cast steel shot material or sections of wire mesh can also be used. The required surface finish determines what type of abrasive should be used.

  • Q.8 How do you clean the abrasive?

    A cascade wind sifter is used for most applications. The abrasive is distributed and guided so that it forms a fine mist/veil. This is achieved by having the abrasive trickle over a wide edge. A cartridge filter unit generates a flow of air through the mist of abrasive material. Fines such as broken grain and dust are thus removed from the abrasive and separated via an impact separator and/or filter cartridges. In special cases like in foundries, for example, a magnetic sifter is fitted upstream of a cascade sifter and used to separate the abrasive metal material from the sand and discharge it.

  • Q.9 To where does BlastKing deliver?

    BlastKing delivers worldwide to over 50 countries on all continents. BlastKing’s customers can be found in a wide range of industrial sectors. This includes foundries, forges, the machine-building sector, and the auto industry, for example.

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