Where Your Shot Blasting Machine Is Born

Tucked away in Tsingtao, A beautiful seaside town in the east of China, lies BlastKing’s production center. Our exclusive video tour showcases the state-of-the-art production capacity and our global aftermarket hub in Tsingtao, China.

BlastKing is a leader in blast technology and innovation, responding to our customers’ changing needs with new techniques and technologies.

Since introducing the original wheel blast technology in 1982, we have committed ourselves to differentiate our offer through thought leadership in design and manufacturing.

Innovation and invention enable us to be the best and bring new solutions and new technology to drive down costs while increasing blast performance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

BlastKing Walkthrough

We are not just a blasting equipment supplier, but a partner.

Boasting a rich history of technological expertise balanced with fast turn, nearly 5000 machines have been crafted here and shipped out to begin their journey with our customers. In addition, with over 4000 high-quality aftermarket components in stock, we are the obvious choice to provide the rapid response dispatch of parts to maintain customer processes running at optimum level.

Tsingtao is a vital university city renowned for its mechanical engineering and applied science faculties, with which BlastKing has built a robust strategic partnership, employing significant numbers of alums to join our team. Access to this talent pool means can assure our customers of skilled, precise technicians who will channel the latest technological innovations into improving processes and machinery.

Today, the 300-strong team of engineers, skilled technicians, and craftspeople complete more than 70 machines yearly.

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