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If your operations involve cleaning chemicals, acid etching or dipping, liquid honing, wire brushing, sanding, deburring, grinding, peening, et cetera, adopting a SmartLine airblast cabinet will usually expedite work, improve quality and eliminate the environmental problems associated with chemical finishing.

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air blasting cabinet

Both Suction & Pressure Blast Systems Available

These rugged sandblasting cabinets enable you to perform a long list of tasks ranging from blending surface flaws to removing foreign matter, such as carbon from pistons, without affecting tolerances. By simply varying air pressure and blast media, you can perform almost any surface finishing job more quickly and precisely than with alternative methods.

Smartline blasting cabinets can be specified with either suction or pressure blast systems – a pressure system being the preferred choice for faster production and more precise control of media at both high and low operating pressures. In addition, they are available in seven sizes and loaded with standard features that reduce operating and maintenance costs.


  • Low noise levels
  • High ventilation rate for good visibility
  • Compact external dimensions
  • Robust construction
  • Large viewing window to suit a wide range of operator heights
  • Reverse jet dust collector with auto pulsing
  • Elliptical glove ports to suit a wide range of operator heights
  • Internal blow down gun
  • Anti-static gauntlets
  • Adjustable feed valve for superior, even abrasive feeding


  • Cosmetic finishing
  • Mould cleaning
  • Preparation for painting, bonding and plating
  • Corrosion removal
  • General component cleaning
  • Rust and heat scale removal
  • Surface texturing
  • Preparation for painting, bonding and plating
  • Corrosion removal
  • General component cleaning
sand blasting chamber
air blasting cabinet
air blasting cabinet
manual sandblast cabinet
sand blasting cabinet
manual sand blasting cabinet
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airblast cabinet blasting effect comparison
airblast cabinet blasting effect

The SmartLine Blasing Cabinet Range

airblast cabinets

The SmartLine suction and pressure-fed airblast cabinets are designed to ensure efficient operation and maximum operator comfort in full production environments.

SmartLine machines are robustly constructed in a space-saving design that incorporates an integral reverse pulse dust collector and cyclone separation system.

Suction-fed machines provide a less aggressive surface treatment ideal for cosmetic finishing and mold cleaning. At the same time, pressure-fed blasting allows high throughput for demanding applications such as rust and heat scale removal and surface texturing. Pressure-fed cabinets feature a magnetized screen and cyclone to improve the quality of the recycled abrasive.

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Basic Specification

Cabinet Innner Length60090090010001200
Cabinet Inner Width50060080010001200
Cabinet Inner Height550600650700800
  • The technical data is not binding and may be subject to change.
  • Depending on the type of parts, production method, etc., further machine types and measurement specification sheets upon request.

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