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Construction Shot Blasting Machines

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With the installed blast turbines at an angle to the direction of movement through the machine, the construction blasting machines with roller conveyor X Type differentiate themselves from the Type G and Type HD machines.

The X-type blasting machine adopts high-powered angled positioning turbines in a symmetrical arrangement to get a uniform and consistent cleaning effect. The turbine layout uses computer simulation, the angle of the upper and lower blasting turbines by three-dimensional computer simulation, the shot blasting & the secondary rebound abrasive coverage uniform and consistent.


  • Proven ORICA® double-disc blast wheels with the inclined layout
  • Various numbers of wheels are possible
  • Integrated filter unit possible – depends on machine size
  • abrasive removal device
  • Automatic PLC control
  • Workpiece recognition
  • It can even be used as a “Universal Blasting Machine” for sheet metal, profiles, and welded constructions


The construction shot blasters are for treating steel fabrication, PEB beams, plates, and profiles in the steel manufacturing and processing industry.

  • Cleaning
  • Corrosion removal
  • Paint stripping
  • Rust and heat scale removal
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Key Benefits

Demonstrates the highest performance variants of this machine type for blasting fabrication and construction

Compact, fully equipped shot blast machine

Quick turnaround, easy assembly and commissioning

Easy adaption of blast pattern for customer workpieces

Auto Blasting Machine for Construction

construction shot blaster

X-type construction shot blasting machine is a new type of special equipment designed and made according to fabrication, construction, and PEB beams. It is multi-functional blasting equipment to remove the rust layer, weld slag, and oxidized skin, obtain a uniform and consistent metallic luster, and improve the quality of steel coating and anti-corrosion effect.
The shot blasting machine can also be as a “Universal Blasting Machine” for sheet metal, profiles, and welded constructions.

Working Video

Basic Specification

TypeKB 7.5/2.5XKB 7.5/5XKB 15/5XKB 15/10XKB 20/15XKB 25/15XKB 30/15XKB 30/20X
Machine entrance width (mm)850850160016002100260031003100
Machine entrance height (mm)30055055010501550155016002100
Work speed (m/min)0.5-20.5-20.5-20.5-20.5-20.5-20.5-20.5-2
Number of blast wheels4444/66/86/88/1014/16/18
Power per blast wheel (kW)7.57.5/1111/1511/1511/1511/1511/1511/15/18.5
Roller pitch (mm)800800800800800800800800
Alternative pitch (mm)tailored by customertailored by customertailored by customertailored by customertailored by customertailored by customertailored by customertailored by customer
  • The technical data is not binding and may be subject to change.
  • Depending on the type of parts, production method, etc., further machine types and measurement specification sheets upon request.

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