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BlastKing is a world leader in surface preparation technology, offers a complete range of surface preparation technologies, parts, and services, and stands ready to improve our customers’ productivity and profitability.

BlastKing offers the largest aftermarket wheel blast and airblast parts supply, service, and technical support for the surface preparation industry.

From equipment inspections and upgrades to shot peening services, our aim is to meet the needs of our customers.

With the capability of maintaining and upgrading surface preparation equipment from both BlastKing and most other brands within the industry, BlastKing continually delivers the best solutions for our customers.

BlastKing Parts, Maintenance, and Services Key Facts

  • Over 20 globally situated sales and service centers
  • Serving customers in over 30 countries
  • Over 1,000 product lines in stock
  • Over 5,000 machines in the field
  • Over 300 technical experts globally

With over 1,000 active customers in more than 30 countries and over 5,000 machines in the field, BlastKing continues to use the experience of having the largest installed base in the industry to deliver the best solution for our customers.

The BlastKing Group has been the expert in surface finishing for more than 40 years and offers the most extensive portfolio in the world of air blasting, shot blasting, consumables and services.

The job of our specialists is to design a system for your finishing process or a complete production line. You’re in the best hands with us. We will provide support throughout your machine’s lifetime, from the planning phase to after-sales support and service. Our technology management team works with you to develop the perfect finishing process tailored to your workpieces.

BlastKing offers

BlastKing technology – service, maintenance and parts

With the most extensive global installed base, BlastKing successfully maintains and services many brands of surface preparation equipment in, amongst others, foundry, automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, marine, rail, and construction industries.

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Airblast technology – service, maintenance, and parts

BlastKing supplies original airblast parts and accessories for all current and former BlastKing equipment brands and a large selection of high-wear parts for other airblast brands.

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Blasting Media

BlastKing ensures the correct media for your application. BlastKing works with its customers to get the correct choice of blast media to ensure the desired surface finish is achieved.

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Equipment Modernisation

Today’s technology is upgrading yesterday’s equipment. Our Equipment Modernisation Programme has been designed to enable you to upgrade your current shot blast equipment completely, giving you all the advantages of a new machine at a lower cost.

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