Tumble Shot Blasting Machine

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Batch Type Tumblast machines process parts batch by batch in a stop-start operation and are the cost-effective solution for tumble-proof workpieces.

A cost-effective solution for tumble-proof parts, tumble blast, and drum barrel systems are available with a range of shot blast and workpiece handling technologies.

Among the essential advantages of a tumble blast system are the compact design, proven operating principle, high cleaning capacity, gentle tumbling of parts, and the total exposure of all surfaces to the blasting stream.

Solutions for desanding castings and descaling forgings or heat-treated workpieces include machines in various designs with steel or rubber conveyors.

Barrel-type shot blasting machines allow for intensive and gentle shot blasting at high capacity in a polygon-shaped trough, rocking back and forth. Automatic loading and unloading provide an almost continuous process with consistent high performance.

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