What Is The Best Pipe Internal Auto Blasting Equipment? (1)

KBN50-500A is special equipment designed to meet the user’s specific process requirements for the pipe internal automatic blasting job. Through blasting cleaning of this equipment, it can remove rust, welding slag, oxide, and other debris from the inner surface of the steel pipe, make the surface of the workpiece bright and clean, and present the original color of the metal.

  • And at the same time, the pipe interior sand blasting machine p can also
  • Improve the fracture resistance of the surface;
  • Reduce the internal stress of the workpiece;
  • Strengthen the surface of the workpiece;
  • Increase the adhesion of the paint film when the workpiece is painted;
  • Improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal profiles;
  • Improve the fatigue resistance of steel;
  • Achieve the purpose of improving the surface of the workpiece;
  • Achieve the purpose of enhancing the surface and intrinsic quality of the workpiece and prolonging its service life;
  • Optimize the surface process state of metal materials and achieve the goal of complete cleaning.
pipe internal shot blasting effect
pipe internal auto blasting effect
pipe internal blasting effect

Structure characteristics

This equipment is a cart-type reciprocating type steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine system, which consists of a blasting media recovery chamber body, blasting machine, elevator, separator, belt conveyor, projectile control system, dust removal system, electric control system, and other parts.

pipe internal auto blast machine
pipe sand blasting machine
pipe shot blasting machine

Pipe blasting chamber body

The blasting chamber body has a front chamber body and a rear chamber body. The chamber body is equipped with a circular sealing device which, according to the size of the workpieces, effectively stops the blasting media’s spillage.

The front chamber body is made of steel and steel plate welded together, and the chamber body is equipped with a blasting gun lifting device, which plays the role of lifting the blasting gun.

pipe shot blast machine
auto blasting machine for pipe inner wall
pipe internal auto blasting machine blastking since 1982

The blasting media recovery chamber body is made of a steel frame structure, and the chamber wall is lined with a wear-resistant protection plate. Protect the skeleton of the chamber body from projectile strikes. The front and rear chamber openings are equipped with elastic sealing curtains to ensure a flexible connection between the chamber and the steel pipe to ensure the sealing effect of the equipment.

  • This pipe internal blasting system is equipped with a sandblasting pot with six guns. The blast machine is made by Japanese Atsugi technology and has the following features:
  • Automatic (Online Refilling). It can realize the function of “automatic refilling when the blasting media are consumed to a given amount, and automatic stop when the blasting media are full.”
  • With the remote control gun technology, automatic control can be realized, and the operator can control the nozzle to spray shot or air. This can be used at the end of cleaning, air-jet to remove the floating ash and blasting media inside the pipe after the blasting job; on the other hand, it can also reduce the labor intensity of workers to ensure operational safety.
  • The blasting force is solid and stable. It can be used for a long time and continuous high-pressure operation, which ensures uniform and high-quality cleaning work.
  • To make a high-efficiency sandblasting pot get a better blasting effect, we specially equipped with high efficiency, good wear resistance, and long life nozzles, which service life increased by 60%, and blasting cleaning efficiency improving by 48%.
  • The combination of electric and pneumatic control panel systems makes the control more rapid and reliable, which is convenient for long-distance management.
pipe internal shot blasting effect

Working process for pipe internal blasting system

Turn on the dust collector fan ➜Turn on the screw conveyor ➜Turn on the elevator ➜ Turn on the belt conveyor ➜ Back up the front and rear sealing chamber into place ➜ place the workpiece onto the slow rotating trolley ➜ turn on the slow rotating trolley ➜ move the front and rear sealing chamber forward into place to seal the pipes ➜ Start the blasting machine trolley ➜ blast machine trolley drive the blasting gun forward ➜ the gun moves into place ➜ turn on the sandblasting valve ➜ workpiece rotates while cleaning work ➜ cleaning is over, the blast machine trolley backward ➜ while the blasting gun ends the blast, spraying high ➜ pressure air into the pipes to clean the blasting media and dust ➜ blasting gun back in place ➜ gun stop spraying high-pressure air ➜ slow rotating trolley stop rotating ➜ front and rear sealing chamber back in place (the workpiece is rotating) ➜ The front and rear sealing chamber back in place (according to the steel shot consumption to determine whether the need to add blasting media to the blasting machine) ➜ If you need to add blasting media, exhaust pressure of the blasting machine, after pressure relief is complete, the shot supply valve open, the blasting machine replenish the blasting media ➜ Add blasting media at the same time, the workpiece will be removed, while placing a new workpiece to be cleaned ➜ start the slow rotating trolley ➜ repeat the above work, until the end of cleaning work ➜ Shut down the dust collector fan -Shut down other electrical equipment.

This whole pipe internal blasting equipment is suitable for pipe inner diameters 50mm to 500mm, and the pipe can be blasted processing in multiple quantities at the same time to increase the blasting efficiency.

If you need pipe internal blasting equipment for large ID pipes, please check our pipe internal wheel blast equipment.

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