This is the Perfect Shot Blaster for Bridge Decks Waterproof

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:September 4, 2023


Integrated vacuum system and shot blaster


As the customer requested, we integrated the vacuum system on the mobile shot blaster for an extraordinarily convenient on-site shot blasting job. This video customer sent us earlier this week shows the blasting effect.

The horizontal movable shot blasting machine is mainly used in steel surface cleaning, airport delineation and reline project, railroad bridge waterproof construction, highway bridge and tunnel road surface roughening, epoxy floor surface roughening, etc.


Widely application of the mobile shot blaster

Concrete Shot blasters are widely used in concrete shot blasting. 

Example: Bridge shot blasting, steel plate shot blasting, steel box girder bridge shot blasting, high-speed railroad shot blasting, airport runway rubber removal, highway and airport to increase the friction area, the ship shot blasting, waterproof construction shot blasting, industrial floor blasting, road marking line cleaning, large oil storage tanks, etc., and and large warships and ships plywood shot blasting to improve adhesion.


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