Descaling Steel In Industry

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:April 17, 2023

Mechanical Descaling of Steel Wire, Bar and Profiles

Mechanical descaling is an essential tool in the production of primary, semi-finished or finished steel products. For any subsequent processes, the wire, bars, and profiles must be perfectly free from rust, scale, or contaminants.

The outstanding reliability of BlastKing’s high-performance shot blast machines has been proven in hundreds of applications, operating in multiple shifts around the clock, and achieving the desired finish quality all over the world.

Steel wire, bar, and profiles can be descaled in a longitudinal single or multistrand method, and solutions for the descaling of wire coils are available.

A variety of machine models are available to suit your production program and through feed speeds.
The 3, 4, or 6 blast wheel machines meet different capacity requirements and can be adapted to changing product runs. They are easy to integrate into modern drawing lines operating at speeds of up to 240 m/min or can be used as stand-alone machines for autonomous finishing.


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