Steel Mill Tumble Shot Blasting Machines

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:July 23, 2022

Steel mill tumble belt shot blast machines are used for deburring, descaling, sand removal, and de-rusting mass parts. They are operated either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a line. In addition to the standard program, BlastKing delivers this machine in several sizes and designs. The machines are equipped with the tried and tested BlastKing high-performance turbines and maintenance-friendly cartridge filter systems.

BlastKing blasting technology

BlastKing turbines are solid aggregates that, thanks to fewer wear and tear parts and a higher abrasive flow rate, work very efficiently.

BlastKing filter technology

The innovative filter technology impresses with its powerful performance. The special characteristics include the conical filter cartridges which can be replaced quickly and easily via drawer elements outside of the casing. These cartridge filter systems can also be retrofitted for all types of older blasting machines.

Robust construction

Steel mill tumble belt shot blast machines are primarily used in foundries and forges. Large batches with heavy parts place heavy demands on the machine’s statics. The combined welding and screwing construction provides the machines with the necessary stability for long-term use across multiple shifts.

Low maintenance

The minimization of the maintenance intervals is an important contributing component of its efficiency. In addition to the innovative turbine and filter technology, repair technicians appreciate the valuable details of BlastKing steel mill tumble belt shot blast machines. Maintenance openings at the important locations in the necessary size help keep the machine operational at all times.

Steel mill tumble belt shot blast machine type MB200G & MB300G with loader and vibro chute for cleaning and deburring of armatures. In this machine, the speed of the high-performance turbines is controlled by frequency regulators. These are controlled by the control cabinet and allow high-quality surfaces.

For turbine wheel shot blasting machines that are operated in foundries, coarse particles must be discharged via a sieving conveyor chute that is installed beneath the blasting chamber.

For cleaning the abrasive an additional cleaning level in form of a magnetic separator is pre-installed to the common air separator. This serves the removal of aggressive and unhealthy molding sand after shattering from the abrasive circuit.

The abrasive is guided over two magnetic rollers. Because it is magnetic, in contrast to the sand, it is separated from the abrasive and sand mixture by the magnetic rollers. It then runs through the so-called air separator and is then returned to the turbines. Thus the abrasive circuit is closed. The sand is discharged from the system and can usually be reused. For turbine wheel shot blasting machines that are not installed in foundries, air separation is sufficient for cleaning the abrasive. In contrast, for systems that are installed in foundries, it constitutes the third cleaning level after the sieving conveyor chute and the magnetic separator.

Modern blasting technology made-to-measure

BlastKing manufactures turbine wheel shot blast machines for tailor-made engineering. Based on the different workpieces and the requirements of the surfaces and space conditions at the customer’s, steel mill tumble belt shot blast machines can be realized in a variety of designs. The following table contains the most common models with their most important technical data.

Service for blasting machinery

We place special emphasis on providing perfect customer service. This applies not only to the blasting equipment we manufacture but also to other makes of equipment.

Our service program includes:

  • Spare parts
  • Modernization and performance
  • Enhancement
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Instruction and training

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