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The Typical Shot Blasting Solutions for different customers

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:December 24, 2021

Continuous overhead rail conveyor shot blasting machines with tumble shot blasting machines for iron foundry company

The Hermann Reckers company was founded in Established and located in 1905 family-owned to this day. More than 200 employees work in the three company divisions machine factory, Pumps, and iron foundry. The iron foundry is in the most modern Production equipment high-quality Cast parts made from different materials produced. As part of the modernization of the BlastKing delivered the complete cleaning shop Surface technology and the conveyor system. BlastKing was awarded the contract due to the convincing blasting technology as well as directly to the needs of the Reckers tailor-made concept.

The special thing is the high level of automation. The workpieces are after the molding line into the hangers using a manipulator of the overhead conveyor system (Power + Free) placed. The cast parts first go through the Cooling zone and are then by means of a Continuous overhead rail conveyor shot blasting machine blasted. The hangers close automatically the separation places. There the manual takes place Post-processing. Be mass parts in two parallel tumble shot Blasting machines with one load capacity each blasted from 2.5 t. The productivity of the new shot blasting systems perfectly matches the casting parts production capacity, also resolves the problem of reducing the workforce to a minimum. The whole shot blasting machine delivery also includes the overhead rail conveyor parts handling system which needs to pass through the cooling zone section.

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