Shot Blasting Machine 101: Things you should know before buying a shot blaster

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:September 21, 2022

Calculate whether your factory’s power capacity is enough or not. 

Most non-standard shot blasting machines has huge power consumption and most of their power exceeds 100kw.

Compressed air supply requirement.

Most shot blasting machine vendors do not supply compressed air supply, the compressed air for a shot blasting unit is usually less than 2m3/min. The required quality of compressed air(6 Bar to 8 Bar) (according to DIN ISO8573-1):

•    Content of solid matter Quality class 2 max. size of parts 1 μ, max. the density of parts 1mg/m3

•    Content of water: Quality class 4 max. pressure dew point +3°C

•    Content of oil Quality class 3 – max. concentration* 1 mg/m3 (drops,aerosol,steam)1mg/m3 – * In case of 1 bar absolute pressure, + 20°C and a relative steam pressure of 0,6

The choice of a shot blasting model should be determined by the majority of workpieces.

Sometimes one unit shot blasting machine’s job can not cover all the workpieces if you have an extensive range in shape, dimension, and weight, especially for the service industry that provides blast cleaning jobs to its customers.

The shot blasting machine is highly consumed in terms of power, spare parts, media, etc. So if you choose a big shot blasting machine unit trying to blast clean all your workpieces, you must calculate the long-term use of the shot blasting machine.

Turbines with VFD will save you significant money for long-term use.

It is better to ask vendors to provide VFD for each blasting turbine no matter what kind of workpieces you need to blast cleaning. Most suppliers do not offer VFD turbines unless you come up with it.

📌Please provide your workshop layout drawing and mark the space for the shot blasting machine if you have any space restrictions. The high-end vendors can design and fabricate shot blasting machines according to your restricted conditions.

📌Most non-standard shot blasting machines require a foundation pit, so you’d better consider the foundation pit before preparing the workshop floor. And lots of non-standard shot blasting machines’ total height exceed 9 meters. So if you qualify to erect a new workshop or start your new business for the shot blasting, you’d better install the shot blasting machine before covering the roof for the workshop. Turbines with VFD will save you significant money for long-term use.

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