Steel Fabrication Blasting-Prepared to Last

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:December 6, 2021

BlastKing manufactures and installs standard and custom-designed blast systems for removing millscale and rust, and for profiling the surface of fabricated steel parts in preparation for protective coatings.

The following factors determine blasting machine choice.

Workpiece size and characteristics
Finish requirement and production rates
Operational parameters
System and site requirements
Material handling requirements
Pollution / Emission control
Energy conservation
Customer specifications and preferences

Truck chassis shot blast machine
peb beam shot blasting machines

Custom-Designed Solutions
BlastKing specializes in custom-designed peening and surface preparation solutions to provide a solution to your challenges.

For descaling steel shapes, flats and fabrications, BlastKing has designed and delivered automated airblast and wheelblast solutions, including Roller Conveyor blast machines, Hanger type/Monorail blast machines, Bogie Table/Work Car blast systems, Skew Roll blast machines, plate and structural steel Preservation Lines, manual Blast rooms, and dust collector ventilation systems.

Standard Machine Solutions
Similarly, we have used our experience gained from the design and manufacture of 1000’s blast machines to create a full range of standard design machines, look through the Equipment pages to find out more.

pipe shot blasting machine with roller conveyor

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