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Foundry and Forge Blasting – Prepared to Last

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:June 21, 2022

Foundry Castings blasting

BlastKing produces an extensive range of blast machines for the Foundry industry. Machines can be “in-line” to treat the castings as they pass through your production processes in a continuous fashion, or “batch” to blast castings in batch quantities.

The BlastKing range of shot blast machines for foundries includes four main machine systems (batch, hanger, through-feed, manipulator/robot) which meet all the surface preparation requirements of the modern foundry.

Forged Parts
Blast cleaning is employed to remove scale from forged parts. BlastKing has vast experience in such applications and can supply a number of well proven shot blast machines which are designed to help you to lower your cost per part produced whilst delivering productivity and quality gains.

Machine Selection
The right machine for your process will depend upon the complexity of your cast or forged parts, your production method, part size, number, preferred handling method and product flow.

Not every blasting machine type can be represented here, many applications require a custom-designed solution. These pages are intended to display the typical applications and equipment solutions. To talk to us about what solution is right for your application, please contact us.


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