Mechanical Descaling – Prepared for Preservation

Author: Mathew Lee |Updated:June 14, 2022

Steel Sheet and Plate Descaling

Rolled steel products are used in many manufacturing fields. For corrosion protection and preservation, and for subsequent coating, their surfaces must be clean and free from rust or scale.

Steel sheet, plate, and section descaling machines, otherwise known as Roller Conveyor Blast Machines, are designed for the mechanical descaling and/or preservation of steel surfaces in one pass.

At BlastKing you can blast plate widths of up to 5m, at a speed of 6m per minute.

metal plate shot blasting machine

The SmartLine Roller Conveyor is our entry-level machine, with delivery in less than 10 weeks.

The G Type Roller Conveyor is our standard offering for sheet steel. Built more robustly than the SmartLine to enable continuous operation, and is available in more sizes and with further options.

The HD Type Roller Conveyor is a larger machine, usually with more wheels, for heavier/larger applications and low steel mill volumes.

The X Type Construction Blaster is a more complex roller conveyor blast machine for complex structural fabrications.

The S Type Roller Conveyor is a very heavy-duty roller conveyor, designed for steel mill and shipping applications.

Visit the Roller Conveyor pages for further information and to see animations of the machines, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Tube Descaling

BlastKing Skew Roll machines are designed specifically for the external surface treatment of tubular products such as pipes, rods, bars, and cylindrical tanks.

Most often these are used for rust removal, general steel cleaning, etching, profiling, and peening.

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